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Wild School Formation

Why: We will be having our first meeting this week to learn about what we can all bring to the table, how much we can offer (time, guidance, donations/fundraising, organization, meeting venues, technology, collaborative ideas, experience, marketing, students, etc…) and bring a board and committees together.

When: Thursday Feb 4 at 7pm
Where: (location revealed after registration)

How (not) to park: There is always lots of parking by the mailboxes just around the corner across the street from the townhouses. (The house next door, east side, are awful people and will rat if we park in front of their home. All the other neighbours are friendly and great)

Who: This is a private meeting (let me know in advance if you are bringing a guest). Please have your friends/family email toto@gecla.ca if they would like to get on the wildschool email list where they can then become a part of the board or volunteer committee and eventually register students.

What to bring:

  • Notebook and pen
  • A list of either ways you know you’d like to contribute and/or skills we may be able to creatively incorporate
  • Resources you’d like to share or recommend
  • Snacks are always welcome 😁 (we do however have someone very allergic to peanuts who is considering joining us)

* if anyone knows how to set up a zoom meeting, we have a couple people who’d like to join virtually so please let me know as soon as possible so I can contact them with a link.
See you on Thursday!

Let us know you're coming!