Use these resources to exercise your freedom!

  • Basic Concepts
  • Notices of Liability
  • Vaccine Injury Form
  • Foundational Questions
  • Traffic

Basic concepts of common law

This video presents general common law concepts and formats that are used in common law proceedings. This presentation is about words, and how they are used in common law vs ADMIRALTY LAW. 

Spiritual Concepts of common law

This video presents the spiritual concepts of Hierarchy;  Free Will; Freedom, and Consequence; and Consent and Authority, and how these concepts apply to common law. 

Concepts for Writing a common law
Notice of Liability

This video presents the common law concepts of Trespass, Consent, Claim, Accuser, Harm in Trespass, Contract, Liability, and Harm, and how these concepts apply to writing a Notice of Liability to an AGENT.

Note: This presentation will be updated with material from Leo Coady asap.

Notice to Media for Propaganda

The only reason the government is able to do what it does is because enough people either believe they’re doing the right thing, or just want to avoid trouble – so they all comply.

But the belief that we need to comply stems from one major source of programming; The media.

It is only honourable that we notify our fellow man and woman in the media so they be given the clear opportunity to avoid being found guilty when all the crimes come to light.

Download this simple template and adjust it to your needs and to the man/woman you wish to serve. Replace any information in Red with your own.

Notice of Liability to men and women who act as city counsel for restrictive bylaws/mandates

This is to be sent by you as an individual, to the mayor and/or counsellors that vote for restrictions.

  1. ensure you change who you wish to serve notice. (Don, Peter, etc)
  2. ensure you change the service corporation name [city]
  3. ensure you detail the harm that has come to you as a result of unlawful restrictions.

Notice of Liability to any man or woman who acts as an agent (employee, store manager, etc)

This is to be issued by you as an individual, to anyone who may ‘require’ you wear a mask, even though you may have an exemption.

  1. The first page is to show them the legal side of their trespass. ensure you change who you wish to serve the notice. (Don, Peter, etc)
  2. If this fails, you will use the second page, where they accept liability with wet signature for any harm that may come to you as a result of their forcing a mask and violating your right.
  3. You may proceed as you will (with or without mask, as necessary), but now you have paperwork proving they are conducting themselves outside of the law, both illegally, and unlawfully.

Application to Claim Injury and/or Harm After Receiving Vaccine

Important for if you have been forced to receive vaccination, or even to help educate others who may not be aware of the risks involved. (this is directly from the government website)

Please aid us in delivering this to as many people as possible!!

Verbal questions to ask agents who would impose restrictions on your sovereignty as a [wo]man.

  1. am i… your property? Do you claim i… as property?
  2. can you administrate property without right?
  3. can you honourably produce the contract that you think you have to be able to come into my business/home and engage with me in this capacity?

i… comprehend you are an agent, for the corporation of [CITY, PROVINCE, COUNTRY NAME] and you think you are following legal codes, rules, statutes, and by-laws that you want to apply to me. Again, honourably, can you show me the contract on which you are relying?

For when you have traffic court

A few things need to happen:

  1. At your appearance, if they are closed, or do not show up, you have been denied access to justice
  2. If your court date gets moved, and it is unreasonably far into the future, you have been denied justice in a timely fashion.
  3. If there is no victim related to your infraction, you may make mention that the matter is regarding an infraction of code, and not of law – and you accepted the paperwork from Officer {name} because you were avoiding any harm. (contract under duress)

If you have no access to the court, or if your court date is far into the future,
you may use this paperwork and send to