I am an ethnobotanical herbalist, specializing in medicinal mushroom formulations.
I've been studying this work for over a decade and I've done many different forms of training and apprenticeship all over the world. Over the last two years I've run several different farmers market booths, and my products have always been very well received and appreciated.
*Since this summer I've resigned all Farmers market boots because I don't accept the mandation policies and the forced mask wearing. Thus, I've resulted in selling to returning clients and at specific gatherings that I host. It would be so wonderful to be able to share my products at your market, as it's my 100% passion to help people with these therapeutics and medicines.

I have a line of about 14 different medicinal mushroom extracts, in the form of tinctures. I have several different blends for specific aspects such as anti-inflammation, anxiety and stress support, full spectrum immuno modulation, women's vitality, and many more.

I also craft a handmade honey elixir that is a blend of raw honey, b propolis, bee pollen, 16 different medicinal mushrooms and other support of herbs. This is a full spectrum supplemental food and beautiful medicine.

Lastly, I also craft alcohol-free natural perfumes / colognes/sacred fragrances. For several years I've been studying phyto-aromacology, with most of my influence coming from the very classical and ancient form of aroma/essence blending from the Indian, middle East and Persian paradigms. To me these are much more than essential oils as they are sacred whole being / spiritual medicines and anointment oils, to be used for specific spiritual practice or even daily sacred wear.

*I have met several members of the common law community, and many of the members bought some of my therapeutic medicines at one of my sound healing events at the Clairitea tea House.

again, I would appreciate it so much to be able to share my medicines in a public environment and to connect to the community of very like-minded and beautiful people.

Hope to hear back soon. Have a beautiful day.

*I have many different pictures of my products as I have quite a few products in my line, and the picture of I've attached is just a picture of one of my Farmers market boots with my partner behind the table. 🙂
Thank you